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But whether it comes naturally to us or not, we all tend to have our off days and need a little help. However, having them all is what is going to make you the ultimate cutie pie! How do you do that? Read the following tips and tricks on how to be cute below to find out now!

Being cute is more than just the clothes you wear. The one key ingredient to having a cute attitude? Confidence my friend.

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Confidence is crucial to appearing cute at any time. To be cute you must also be aware of how you speak and what your body language is saying to the people that surround you. You will not appear cute. At all.

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You must make people aware that you are there. Stand out! Use your body language to appear sweet and flirtatious, not just your words or your clothes. But speaking of clothes… Clothes are also important in trying to appear cute, but we will get to that shortly.

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The first step to being cute is being bubbly. You want to keep your mood light and energetic.

Think of yourself like a little bumble bee and buzz, buzz, buzz! People are attracted to people with bubbly personas. They tend to think those types of people are cuter than most other types of personalities. Being cute is not about being sexy at all. Being overly sexual will give you an entirely different image. Smiling has a lot to do with being cute.

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Never smiling or not smiling enough will not make you approachable. When we say tones, we mean tone of voice.

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Keep your voice more feminine than masculine. You will want to add inflections at the ends of your sentences to give them a bubbly sound. We understand that not everyone has a super feminine voice. However, if you do have one you can use it to your advantage when you are trying to be cute.

Dark colors are great and all, but they will make you appear more serious and sexy than they will make you appear cute. Cute is generally associated with brighter colors such as pastels. The softer the color the better in our opinion! Like we said, go with pastels. Keep your outfits from crossing over into grungy. You want to look as if you put effort into your outfits every single day. Effort is attractive to mostly anyone. We suggest adding some bright lips and eyeshadow to really accentuate the bubbliness that you are trying to project.

Surprisingly hair has a lot to do with how cute you appear to other people. How so? Well a lot of the time people are around you they are looking at your hair.

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Your hair is going to be one of your most feminine qualities which makes it one of your possibly cutest attributes. We always suggest to get to maximum cuteness: Try braiding your hair.

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Braids give you a softer, younger look. You could also do curls.

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Curls are always a cute option! Be weary of having too many layers and cutting your hair too short. This will come off as more edgy than it will come off as cute. When you are talking to someone, especially an attractive guy, twirl your hair around your fingers or gently run your fingers through it.

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These are adorable behaviors to have. However, overdoing your makeup is just simply a horrendous idea. Because you are trying to be sweet, not scary! Overdoing your makeup and applying it too heavily will make you come off as clownish or give you a darker, sharper image. You want to keep your makeup light to give it a cute appearance. Our advice: Blush! Blush is important when trying to give off a cute, bubbly appearance. It puts a pop off color on your face and makes it look like you are bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go. A swipe of eyeliner on the top lid is a must, but keep the line super thin.

Light eye shadow is the key to all of this or, at the very least, neutrals. The more natural the look, the better. If you go for dark eyeshadows you will come off as too edgy. Lastly, when it comes to the lips keep the colors bright. Bright red, bright pink, etc. Darker colors are a no-no unless you are going to a fancier event! When you think of the cutest person that you know we bet that someone cute bubbly girl looking for convos is extremely giddy and positive jumps in your mind.

There are not a lot of cute people with negative attitudes! Radiate positivity and you shall come off as the person with a cute personality. When you smell amazing you tend to leave a deeper impact on the people you meet. They seem to remember you better this way and will associate you with good things. Yes, all of that simply because you smelled really good. The perfume choice is up to you! However, we think floral smells or sugary smells are definitely the best for this situation.

There is nothing cute about being super obnoxious.

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Try your best to not interrupt people or be extremely rude to this. This makes you appear super unattractive to those you spend time with.

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It means just that, your personality is cute. The way you act is cute. Couple be the way you move or react to things.

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Or just the things you say. I can be attentive and caring. I am polite and friendly but am mostly serious. But I do really appreciate witty comments and jokes. And once I am very comfortable with someone I can be quite funny myself. And even when I do I am more likely to tease playfully than play with my hair, bat my eyes and laugh stupidly.

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There are no two alike women in this world.

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

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