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The programme features Ross' take on current topics of conversation, guest interviews usually three per show and live music from both a guest music group and the house band.

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We looked at the free video chatting apps to keep us all connected in this challenging time; so move or your local group online, practise techniques, get support, even have a house party.

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Friday nights were never the same again.

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Phil Neville nailed his colours to the Ronaldo mast on Saturday evening when a brace from the Portuguese went some way to guaranteeing that Real Madrid would successfully defend their Champions League crown.

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Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.

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Tonight we focussed around artists born on 6th of July.

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June Weddings New Discussion. Ash member. March in June Weddings. Anyone one here?

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FI is studying for his boards and I am home working on our wedding day timeline. I can't believe we are going to be at the 3 month mark soon!! Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml. Report 0 Reply to Post.

Re: Friday night chit chat. March I'm here!

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FI just left for work! Report 0 Reply. I'm here. FI is OOT for work. I'm trying to work on this thesis. The role of proinflammatory cytokines in the intestinal lumen that contribute to intestinal dysfunction. Why did my font do that My next thing to try to tackle on the wedding to-do list is to get my FI and his groomsmen, our d, and ring bearers all measured for tuxes. Also, to send out our invitations by the end of this month. I also need to schedule my dress fitting and hair trial!

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After a full day of work I just want to chill on the couch. Ugh, I have been bugging about tuxedo's too. Granted we only need his, his brothers and our d because the other groomsmen will be in their military dress uniforms. I need to get on tuxes too. We can't decide on colors for everyone. We also can't decide if my FFIL will be in a tux. He is performing our ceremony.

Yeah, do you think this month is too early for them to get their measurements done?

Friday night chit chat

We have 4 OOT men, and I feel like they need to get their's done asap so they can get their measurements to the same tuxedo shop that we are ordering everyone else's from! I would rather have them come in early than be late or cut it too close to the wedding date. Plus, it's just another thing to check off of the list lol! I don't think its too early at all.

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Especially with prom season coming up soon. And I am with you on checking it off the to-do list.

MMRoberts11 member. Harper - that sounds really interesting.

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If you want an extra reader I'll volunteer! I'm just cathing up on my dvr'd shows from the week.

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Ashlyn- I don't think this month is to early especially since you have OOT men. I wanted him to get it done a while ago but he just kept telling me it didn't need to be done yet. I was VERY happy to check that one off the list! Depending on the timing of when he takes it, we'll either find out the right before the wedding or while we're on our honeymoon!

MMR thanks. This masters has been taking me awhile. I love the science research of it but I hate writing! I applied for a job with my FI's company and he told me they are calling for interviews next week. Everyone I know who knows about the company thinks I have no problem getting in. It's not what I ultimately want but it will help for a while. Beyond that, I've applied to some at a larger hospital groups near me but the ones I'm really hoping for there are currently in limbo. The people hiring can't right now and the president is meeting with them to discuss it even though it's already been approved for the budget.

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He can sit for the boards starting the end of April. March edited March I know you were in research what do you hope to get into? Today was my last official day working full time. My lab studies behavioral neuropsychopharmacology. I do a lot with MDMA and methamphetamine and some work with cocaine.

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The other part of my lab does research on PTSD so that's where I'm looking at a combination of various neurochemicals and TBI injuries to hopefully come up with a better therapy. I still love the science but what I ultimately would love to do I can't for the pay and benefits I would like. Now I'm planning on doing healthcare admin. Yeah I'm still not sure if I will stay in research. I hear ya about the pay. I grew up around the hospital life. Both my parents work in admin at local hospitals. My mom does quality control and my dad works in government and community involvement.

He started as a radiology tech and went back and got is masters in hospital admin. Plus, my grants haven't been doing well to get funded lately, I'm over worked, and honestly just sick of doing so much admin stuff and unable to do the part I enjoy most, the science. I figure I'm doing so much of the admin stuff now I may as well get my next degree in it and get paid properly. Plus then I can always keep up with the science still by staying in that area. What first got you into research?

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If you do get out of it, what do you think you'd go into? Tomorrow is my dress fitting to get a quote on how much alterations will cost. I'm really nervous that the dress won't fit. I think I've gained some weight I was really hoping we would only have the get the dress hemmed and get a bustle put in.

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I think I've gained some weight : I was really hoping we would only have the get the dress hemmed and get a bustle put in. How did your dress fit last time you tried it on? Last time I had the dress on it was loose, but I didn't have on my bra or slip.

So that probably made a difference. The Company The Company. Sister Sites Sister Sites.